Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fall Fishing at Young's Wilderness Camp

Hi Carol and Perry,

I hope this note finds you both well and rested after another a long season. We really enjoyed our stay with you once again and for me it was a bonus to be able to spend a week with my dad and my son fishing. It doesn't get any better than that! We really appreciate your warm hospitality and of course we all think the world of George.

Attached is the picture of Alex's muskie you requested. He lives in New Orleans. He caught it on October 7th at 5:15 p.m., on the last cast of the trip! It was 48 inches long, weight unknown, caught on a yellow and orange bucktail spinner.

Our whole family will be getting together for Christmas and I'm sure we will relive our adventure at Young's Wilderness Camp.The Entrup family wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year.

Kind regards,

Matt Entrup

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fly Fishing on Kiskhutena Lake and Lake of the Woods

I got back home late yesterday from a great trip to lower Ontario. My fishing buddy Larry Fulkerson and I drove up (930 miles from here - we make it a day and a half drive) and spent the first three nights (2-1/2 fishing days) at Young's Wilderness Camp on Lake of the Woods. We heartily recommend this lodge. Every group has their own cabin but meals are taken in the main dining room. We both gained weight! The food was excellent. We had a nice 16' boat with a 40 h.p. Yamaha motor, front-mount trolling motor, and pedestal seats - perfect fishing machine.

The winds were a little bit on the stiff side so we fished the leeward sides of the islands and found plenty of cooperative smallmouths. Larry caught the biggest one - a really husky 18" fighter. He caught it on a Stonefly Bugger. I got semi-even that afternoon with a 15-1/2" largemouth on a brown/white Clouser. This was our third trip up there and it was the first largemouth we'd seen. I think it was the next day I caught a 31" Northern pike on a size 6 "Electric Chicken" - chartreuse over hot pink Clouser Minnow.

The third morning, we flew to Young's outpost cabin (about 15 minutes by float plane) located on Lake Kishkutena, a 7-1/2 mile long lake loaded with islands and rock outcroppings. A storm was coming in when we got 'dumped off'. The cabin was big and comfortable - 3 rooms and a bath. After getting everything into the cabin, we sat around till mid-afternoon waiting till we quit hearing thunder. We then went out and fished within a mile of the cabin and caught a lot of smallmouths. The next day, the weather was better but it was still windy, so we did our "lee of the islands" fishing again. Most of the smallmouth were in the 14-16" range. I had one hit that I thought was a smallmouth but then it headed deep and doubled my fly rod over. After several minutes, I got it up and realized I had a 36-40" musky. Just as I finally got its nose out of the water to grab it with my 'lipper", it spit out the 13" smallmouth that had hold of my Clouser and took off. That poor smallie had three long tooth marks down each side. I had heard of that happening but had never witnessed it before. The last fishing day, Larry 'tied' me with his own 36-40" musky caught on a "Schminnow" (Norm Zeigler's pattern). Even though we were using 30 lb. Mason hard mono for a leader, Larry's musky was able to get the leader in its mouth and bite it off just as we were ready to try to make a grab for it. Fighting those two big guys on fly rods was really exciting!

That last day at Kishkutena was gorgeous, warming to the mid-70's, and the smallmouths were really hitting about everything we threw at them. The most fun was in the mid-afternoon when I put on a popper. They really slammed that. In spite of a heavy epoxy coating, that poor foam popper was beaten to pieces by the time we went in to pack for the trip home!

All in all, it was a great trip and both Larry and I had a ball. I would like to give a plug to Perry & Carol Anniuk (the owners) of Young's for running a real class operation. It's just North of Nestor Falls, only an hour and a half out of International Falls, so if you're hunting someplace to fish in Canada without driving forever and a day, it's a great place to go. Guides are available. If you fish without a guide, Perry will provide you with a map with the locations of the 'hot spots' marked. Lake Kishkutena is a great lake to fish with a dense population of smallmouth bass, musky, lake trout and perch.

Allan Fish

Northern Pike Fishing at Young's Wilderness Camp

Dear friends,

Sorry it’s taken this long for me to write - been very busy catching up at work. I have a large picture of me holding one of the many pike I caught as my screen saver. About 50 people per day see it and they all want to come get one. Words cannot describe the great time I had at your island. Everything from the trip to the resort to the trip as we left was outstanding. I waited fifty years for this one trip and it was well worth the wait. Perry, I am sorry we didn’t get to visit more. Carol, I can’t say enough for you. You made my trip. The cabins were great, the food was spectacular and you and your girls were wonderful. If possible I will be back. I have a lot of friends that want info on a trip. Please let me know when you will be in our area so I can pass it on. Again thank you for such a wonderful time. Tell George and the guides’ hello for me. They are the best.

Your friend,

Andy Surritte

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Is this Ontario or Oklahoma?

My friend Steve from Oklahoma emailed me this picture last week. The storm that went through in early February dropped about 20" snow - it looks more like Ontario than Oklahoma!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Real Outdoor Destinations

We filmed a TV show in mid-June called Real Outdoor Destinations. Our episode will air on the Pursuit channel on Janary 17th @ 8:30 p.m. and January 19th @ 11:30 a.m. (central time). It will also be on Charter (MN, MI & WI) at the following times:

1/18/11 - 9:00pm
1/20/11 - 9:00pm
1/22/11 - 9:00am
1/23/11 - 9:00am
1/23/11 - 9:00pm

The Pursuit Channel which is carried by various cable networks as well as on their largest provider, DirecTV (satellite) where they are on channel 608. Charter is digital channel 87.

After airing on television, our episode will then be streamed on-demand from the show's website -

I hope you enjoy the show.