Monday, May 6, 2013

Memories of Young's Wilderness Camp

I received this letter from a lady that contacted me last July 2012.  I love hearing about the memories folks have of their trips to  Young's Wilderness Camp.  From what I understand Barb came here back in the late 1950's and early 1960's.  Enjoy!

My niece told me she talked with you today, and I just had to say hello. I am her aunt (60 years old), and I came to Young’s camp from the time I was a very little girl (5 or so). We lived in Southern California, and every summer, we would drive (about a week) to your place, spend 2 weeks in the Black’s cabin and on the lake, and then drive back. I remember it so well, and have such wonderful memories, starting with the Youngs and the Schmidts. My dad had two girls, and he taught us how to fish as soon as we could. I loved casting a Daredevil or Johnson Spoon (if it was weedy), and my patient father would often take the line out of a tree, fix the bird’s nest in the reel, and allow me to troll with “big Toto”, a wooden lure about 6 inches long with a silver flapper on the end. My dad eventually caught a prize muskie with big Toto (much to my surprise because it was a HUGE lure). I will go through the old slides we have, as there are many pictures of the camp, us in the boat and cabin. These were some of the happiest times of my childhood. I want so much to come back, and plan to do so. My sister and I have severe spinal problems, so navigating the boat may be tricky, but I want to. My niece has the rods, tackle box, and muskie bat, so it would be fun for us all to come. We keep talking about it, so maybe it can happen. I have two girls in their 20’s who would love to see where I spent my childhood (and young adult) summers. My niece has 2 boys who would love it. She and my sister are in TX and I am in CT. My husband would also love to see it. As an aside, we tried fly fishing but didn’t like it. I loved the fiberglass rods, heavy line and reels, and casting the big heavy lures as far as I could, and placing it just so. Ah, the memories. Your website made me feel so nostalgic. And my sister used to swim with the pike and leeches.
Give me a little time to dig up the pics, and we’ll see what is there. Thank you for keeping up a wonderful place, and loving it like we do.
Barb Hornby.

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